Releases Privacy And Data Statement Amid Growing Concerns



The growing value of Bitcoin has led to a widespread increase in scams and frauds. Holders are becoming more and more concerned about privacy, and how their cryptocurrency is held and protected. A recent rash of accusations against the cryptocurrency portfolio site and app has led to the company announcing a new and detailed privacy statement.

The company announced that the concerns regarding security and API calls have been addressed and dealt with, stating, “As of yesterday’s Android update, both platforms now utilize end-to-end encryption.” The company suggested that all Android users upgrade immediately to make use of the new software.

The company also offered a statement regarding their use of consumer data, saying, “To date, we have not made use of any of the data in any way. When we do, we will ensure the privacy of our users is a top priority. Data is associated with device IDs, or hashed values, and is non-personally identifiable.”

As values continue to rise, consumers will continue to seek greater levels of privacy and protection across all coin markets, making Blockfolio a frontrunner in addressing concerns.


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