Stratis Hits $1 Billion Market Cap, Holders Optimistic



Indeed, wonders shall never end in the Cryptoland: Stratis, the Blockchain application token, that entered the top 10 less than two weeks ago selling for a few dollars is now being sold for $11.42.

At 10:00 GMT on Saturday, It sprang 52.55 percent making a casualty of Monero and Dash to become the seventh most expensive digital currency in the world. Its market capitalization is now more than $1 bln.

On its way to the elite range, it displaced Golem and later Stellar Lumen to be at the ninth spot. It then overtook Monero to take the number eight spot but Monero fought back to push it to the ninth rank.

Ecstasy for holders

Cointelegraph reached out to Stratis holders. “Well, I bought early, so I am happy, I guess”, exclaims Thegoodhen. “I think Stratis has a lot of upward potentials.” Another holder, TJAndy says he bought Stratis when it was 60 cents each, and it has really shown a great growth ($11.42 as of now) in just a short amount of time. “This is just the beginning – you can think of this as filling the rocket with fuel right now, preparing to take off in the near future,” he notes.

“I am feeling amazed and hoping everyone that has joined did it due to the promising technology of Stratis. The gains are impressive. They are happening when I am sleeping so every day is a day when I wake up surprised,” Pvink states.

When Cointelegraph asked JPR how he feels, he smiled and said: “Well it changed my life, I left my day job and now I can just do what I like, which is investing in blockchain projects.”

The holders of Stratis are much optimistic about its future and thinks there is more to come. JPR says: “It looks promising. The team announced they are about to double the number of full-time developers. At the moment they have over $20 mln to spend for development and marketing and they have not even finished the funding round yet. The growth is going to explode now.”

Even though Thegoodhen says he is not an oracle but it would be “fair” for Stratis to reach the price of ETC and he feels it is really similar to ETH and that it has better development.

He explained further: “I wouldn’t put my life savings into it but I feel it’s still undervalued, probably. The price of cryptos is mostly driven by speculation at this point. I wouldn’t put a million bucks into it but it’s a good thing to have in your portfolio. The best thing would be to save some money you can afford to lose every week and put it in cryptos, Stratis being one of them. I personally hope for Stratis to reach $100.”

Moreso, Pvink gathers the future is good looking if the team keeps up with the development: “For now, I have a good feeling as they never missedxff a deadline”.

Anyway, it is always a matter of time that will prove a coin sustainable. Thus, for example, Ripple gained a market cap of $18 bln and reverted back to $8 bln.

And one more thing to consider is the performance of coins after the ICO. The price change of Stratis token is quite impressive leaving even Augur and Lisk behind.

Ecstasy for holders


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